Artisan breads, baked goods, custom cakes, pastries, and delights, based in Santa Rosa, California. Wholesale and Catering options are available in a variety of options. Ask us!


Our breads, pastries, baked goods and cakes are carefully tended by artisan bakers, with a passion for creating original, delicious items for your table.



We are influenced by the seasons and the market. We make the most of our bounty, incorporating it into our recipes, creating house made jams, pickles, syrups and spreads.


Red Bird Cakes can be ordered in multiple sizes, and a variety of shapes, in multiple flavors. Skillfully constructed, beautifully decorated, and most of all, delicious.


Our family name, Cermak, is Czech. It happens to translates to “red bird”. We think it’s a catchy name for a bakery.

We try to live and work up to that standard, creating a family business and legacy that will last. Family plays a key role in our success, especially Isaac’s late father. We keep him in mind every day, and support Ceres Project, a local non-profit delivering wholesome meals to cancer patients and their families, in dedication to the man who inspired Isaac. We love making hand-crafted, delicious, and nourishing food to feed our children and, by extension, our family of customers.


ISAAC Cermak enjoys the unpredictability of each batch. His training, a mix of formal classes, work experience and intuition, came from the exploration only an open journey can bring. Experience at The Model Bakery in Napa, and time at Della Fattoria in Petaluma, California cemented his path to bread baking. Happily baking with wife, Linda, he moves to the pace of his rising loaves, listening, feeling and letting them set his pace. Providing bread to feed a family gathered for a meal is a great motivator for Isaac. You can taste his dedication in every loaf.


LINDA Cermak is a nurturer by nature. She rises while we sleep, preparing batch after batch of buttery, delicate layers and flakes, accented with seasonal fruits, spices or savory elements. From galettes to croissants, Linda Cermak builds flavor profiles unique to Red Bird Bakery. Trained as a pastry chef, working in bakeries such as Della Fattoria in Petaluma, California and running a custom cake business has honed Linda’s natural talents into creative, delicious megaskills. Her unexpected takes on our favorite baked treats have created loyal fans.